The Band – More than a Project

Jan Clemens Moeller – Keyboards and VocalsStefan live
Klaus Rohwer – Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
Stefan Sielaff – Violin Cello
Andris Zeiberts – Drums and Percussion

You can listen.
You can dance.
You can maybe even sometimes sing along,
With Fernambuk.

(pronounced Fern-am-boook)

Andris live

We jazz things up. We also jazz things down. We jazzify rock and we rockify jazz.

We are keyboards, we are strings, we are drums and we are saxophones. That’s the sound of Fernambuk.

We play pieces, we compose, as well as pieces by Egberto Gismonti, Hector Villa-Lobos, Goran Bregovic and others including Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell and Cole Porter.

Our evenings are mainly instrumental. But JCM has a great singing voice, and so there are some super songs in our program. Once,

Klaus liveduring a winter concert
evening, in a snowed-in barn, a guest said, “Is this Manhattan? Am I in the Cotton Club?”

Some people feel that Fernambuk’s trademark is the Cello. Others say it’s the Sax, while there are strong voters for the Keyboards.
Nevertheless our sound is all held together brilliantly by Andris on the Drums, who builds us a solid base to work upon.

We strive toward a musical Concept, towards making a Sound which is unmistakably Fernambuk.

And sometimes we surprise even ourselves with what we do! We hope to surprise you too.

Jan live